Delta Junction, AK Ministry

We arrived in the interior city of Delta Junction, Alaska, on the hot (79 degree), beautiful Thursday evening of May 13, 2016.  The Point to Hope team of Nancy Haney, Liz Stinson and Sarah Tarter came to honor and minister to Evelyn Glass’s family.  It was indeed a blessing knowing we were facing a variety of venues.  Let me share a few of the highlights of this entire weekend.   Thursday night we had a wonderful gathering and encouraging time with the Point to Hope team, which is established in Delta.  The setting was beautiful and the presence of the Lord was powerful.  Our schedule was full.  We spent Friday ministering and counseling families and individuals, followed by a gathering at 4 pm at Ben Glass’s home.   Nancy brought an incredible teaching on the baptism of Water and Fire.  After the teaching we moved to Evelyn and Louis Glass’s house.  Before the end of the evening nine people were baptized.  All testified Saturday and Sunday that they knew they were significantly different.  On Saturday from 10 – 3 we held a prophetic presbytery.    In the evening Nancy gave a very encouraging, well received word and teaching for Delta Junction.   After the encouraging word spoken over the PTH team, the teaching on baptism of water and fire, the presbytery, and the Saturday eve meeting, by Sunday their hearts were open and blessed.  There was much prayer following the Sunday service where everyone was blessed.  One more thing.  Between 5 and 7 AM Saturday, it began to thunder and lightning.  It was most unusual and everyone was prophesying.   Since then Evelyn reported her texts and emails have not stopped coming in.  Delta Junction has been encouraged by the Lord.  Thank you for being with us in prayer.  Please continue to lift up this ministry, especially Nancy and Sarah as they leave early Sunday for New Zealand.  More to follow next week!   New Zealand here we come, covered with prayer!!

Love and Blessings,
Nancy, Sarah, Liz and Evelyn