Join us in this World-Wide Prayer Mandate

Greetings to all of You in Point to Hope Ministries…

Beginning July 1st through July 7th the PTH Leadership Team will be praying. They will be joining with Prayer Coordinator, Sarah Tarter, as they pray for the 21 countries that remain that Nancy and Sarah had planned to complete this year.

The call to pray has been expanded and is now going out to all those in PTH. So many of you have partnered and supported this world-wide prayer journey mandate, and the end is now in full view!

Similar to a relay race Nancy has already finished her part of the race, and we who remain can now finish our portion strong for God’s purposes!

This then is an invitation to any, and all, who would like to join in seeing the World-Wide Prayer Mandate be completed. Join with us as we continue in the upward call to pray, to complete the race set before us, and to cross the finish line to the Glory of God.!  


The prayer mandate the Lord God instructed Nancy to use for this work is the two designated scripture passages below to target the countries. Included are photos of the information card listing the:

21 things which men would do in the last days and, 21 Characteristics of a hypocrite.

2 Timothy 3:2-5; 21 things which men would do in the last days

Matthew 23:2-33; 21 Characteristics of a hypocrite

During the first week of July, you are invited to “stand-in-the-gap” in spirit with others, using the prayer strategy Nancy and Sarah used as you repent and pray for each of the countries listed below.

21 Remaining Countries:• Iraq• Kosovo• Sao Tome Principe• Oman• Somalia• San Marino• Tunisia• Djibouti• Kazakhstan• Venezuela• Gabon• North Macedonia• Azerbaijan• Andorra​• Commonwealth of Dominica• Iran• Bhutan• Guinea-Bissau• Comoros• Maldives• Tuvalu

This may seem like a ‘quiet’ event, but ALL HEAVEN stands at attention when the WORD (Jesus in flesh/Jo. 1:14) is released upon the earth!  Thus, in preparation for this strategy, should you desire to participate, please read, meditate, and activate the following passages over yourselves, as the Lord’s people of prayer moving in intercession.• Ps. 24:1-4• Eph. 4:27 & 6:11• 1 Pet.5:8.   

One last thing…perhaps you might find yourselves drawn to fast and / or research the countries more thoroughly as part of your intercession. You are encouraged to do so.

Blessings and protection upon you as you intercede for Kingdom purposes.