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Point To Hope Going Forward

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Many have asked me what I was going to do with Point to Hope?  I have wanted to move forward.  However, I am not Nancy, and I am not called to duplicate her mandate from Jesus.

Others have asked me about writing and posting the teachings on the PTH website?  I have considered this, but wanted a clear direction from the Lord as I did not want to begin something just because I felt I should.  I needed the path of direction from our Lord Jesus, not from me.

So, I have waited as I believe God always moves His Hand at just the right moment. But I have also been praying and listening to the voice of our Lord Holy Spirit.

Since October 2 God’s direction has started to unfold. I will share a small part. The scripture verse He gave me for this next season for Point to Hope is: Heb 10:23 Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering…NAS, NKJV & ESV.  It is time to take our walk in Jesus Christ higher up the mountain of the Lord. He is leading me to begin writing words of direction and encouragement, like a guide leading someone up a mountain path.

At the Lord’s direction I will begin by posting a teaching about every two weeks on the PTH website.

With consideration of the times we are living in, my hope is that the Lord leads me to write posts that will enable each one with resolute determination to “hold fast the confession of their hope in Jesus without wavering.”

The light of His glory that the Lord Jesus has placed within you is to be shining for others to see. And it will shine with increasing intensity when we hold fast to our confession of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your brother in Christ,