North Georgia Ministry 2014


The message that Nancy and Point to Hope Ministries is bringing in this hour is a word of power that must be received, pondered, and embraced.  The message is “Listen to the Sound…” with a new definition of Listen:  Prayer, Praise and Prophecy have come into a new dimension for many.

A favorite statement of Nancy’s is “I am one choice away from my destiny.”  Many are leaving the meetings with the light of the Lord on their faces, and countenances changed with restoration, renewal and hope.  They are being reinforced in their faith.  The reports are that new alliances are being made and old ones strengthened as Nancy ministers throughout the North Georgia area.

Nancy is ministering hope and power to many people. 
–  Many pastors are traveling long distances to hear the message.  Their responses have been oohing, awing and much repentance.  Many invitations to new churches have come from these meetings.
–  This word of the Lord has brought major transformation in all who are hearing it, especially the men.  This is a message of absolute restoration of hope, and many are being revived.  One young man said his life will never be the same.
–  Several people testified about how they had been ministered to during Nancy’s last visit.  A young woman followed Nancy out of a meeting to tell her how the word she had been given last year carried her through the year.  Whenever she was having a hard time and thinking of giving up, she thought of that word and it kept her on track. 
–  Nancy ministered peace and joy to a young woman who lost her husband only 3 weeks before.  She had come into the meeting with death on her face and left with hope, with the evidence of a testimony and a changed countenance.  Another woman who lost her husband a year ago was encouraged and left with a bright face.
–  One woman left a meeting with the message of our inheritance on her mind and heart.  She pondered and researched and listened to the Lord as He took it deeper into her heart.  Then the next night she came forward, out of her comfort zone, to testify about what the Lord was teaching her. 

Timely words have been delivered to many to bring encouragement and help them continue the journey.

If you remember, in January Becky Heinsley of Georgia had several severe strokes.  Becky has been involved in helping and supporting PTH in the North Georgia area.  We visited her a second time this week and saw significant improvement as we prayed with her and sang songs of praise.  God is working to heal and restore her and we give thanks and praise.

So many of you have been praying, encouraging, and supporting us during this ministry, and we want you to know that we are full of thanksgiving.  We declare that we sense the prayers of protection and the prayers of an open heaven in every meeting. 

Many positive words have been coming out of these meetings.  But one word has come in the midnight hour from Ohio which is for Nancy to “watch her steps.”  We have gone into the enemy’s camps and have taken back what the enemy has stolen.  Please keep Nancy in prayer that God will continue to order her footsteps.  Thank you for your prayers!  They are effective!  Please continue to intercede, as we still have one more week of ministry.

Specific prayer targets for the team (Nancy, Debbie Grimes, Lillian Garrett, and Karen Lequire): 
– Strength to sustain us, not letting down as the end approaches, but finishing stronger than we began.
– Power from the Holy Spirit to minister effectively.
– Health
– Safety and protection
– That our families will be covered.
– And above all, safe traveling mercies and prayer coverage as we travel back home and acclimate back into our homes and responsibilities.

Without your prayers this ministry would not be able to accomplish the plans of the Lord.  Thank you for your faithfulness and joining in this work of the Lord.

Love and blessings,
Nancy and the Georgia Team

© Point to Hope Ministries