Update for Sarah

Nancy is in New York with Sarah after Sarah finished her
surgery and got out of the hospital Saturday. 
Nancy reports that “everything is going so well !!!  It’s absolutely amazing !!!”  Sarah has one more appointment to get
stitches out and they will come back to Alaska on Sunday 1/22. 

Please don’t stop praying. 
All is well because of your prayers. 
God is so faithful and will continue to heal and bless Sarah. 

They are also enduring New York City in winter storms –
walking snowy streets, hailing taxis, but enjoying New York amenities like
fresh bagels while they are there. 

All to say, Sarah is doing very well and so is Nancy.  Thank you for your prayers as Sarah continues
this healing process.

Love & Blessings,

Debbie Grimes, Director

© Point to Hope Ministries