URGENT Prayer for Sarah

This is an urgent prayer request for Sarah Tarter.  She is currently in New York City for more surgery on her neck and hand.  What was expected to last a few hours is now going to be 7-10 hours of surgery due to a change that had to be made.  She went into surgery at 9 AM Eastern time and won’t be out until 6 PM or so.  This has gone from a standard surgery to a critical one.

Please be praying!

That all goes well in the surgery.

Wisdom and guidance for the doctor.

No infection

Good recovery.

And for Sarah’s husband, Mitch, who is with her until the end of the week when he must return.

Nancy will be going down to New York at the end of this week to be with Sarah until their expected return on 12/22.

This specialist is the only one in the world who does this particular surgery to take care of some of the scar tissue and contractions she is suffering from that are affecting her ear drum, breathing, swallowing, and use of her right hand. 

Thank you for joining us in prayer for our beloved sister, Sarah.


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