To travel fast – go alone.

To travel far – go with others.

How many know it isn’t always how fast you go, but making it possible for others to also finish the race.


Nancy and Sarah have their itinerary in place and you are invited to go!  That’s right, not all of us can physically go, but all of us can go in prayer.


Prayer!  It is the core of my life or better yet, it is the core OF life and I encourage you to travel along with me in a prayer strategy.  You will be considered world travelers yourselves and accomplishing mighty things for the Kingdom of God.  Come along, let’s travel together!


But first, let’s review what Nancy and Sarah have been up to since Sarah’s last newsletter!


India, Nepal, France and Portugal


They have traveled to four countries since March, beginning with Bangalore, India, doing various meetings, going to Lucknow for ministry, then traveling to New Delhi and Kathmandu, Nepal, for specific prayer assignments.  They traveled to Paris, France, then on to Portugal for more prayer assignments, arriving back in Anchorage just in time for the PTH Conference April 27-29th.


Now see why we need your prayers?  These girls are on the move and they are not letting any moss grow under their feet.  The mandate from heaven pushes them onward.  Thank you for all your prayers that help that wind under their feet, the wind of prayer.  It is like the drum roll is sounding and they hear the sound not to miss the train because, it’s moving on.  Always going forward accomplishing insurmountable challenges that lead to great victory!


The Anchorage Conference truly was a Holy Spirit Encounter.  Anchorage has a special presence of its own with the majestic mountains and rough terrain.  It reminds me of Psalms 8:1 that says:






During the Anchorage Conference, Nancy and Sarah both wore their traditional Indian clothing to show us what they dress like in India as they shared their ministry testimonies.   Actually, it looked quite comfortable!


But one of my favorite times in any of the conferences is the early morning prayer.  On Friday morning, Nancy and Sarah reviewed the strategy and mandate of prayer, the assignment they have for going to all the national capitals, and the prophetic act to repent for the 21 sins and characteristics of a hypocrite, everywhere they go.  God has asked them to go to the nations, praying at each capitol or parliament always at the eastern gate.

  • 2 Timothy 3:1-5      –  the 21 things which men would do in the last days.
  • Matthew 23:2-23     – the 21 characteristics of a hypocrite


The call that God has put on PTH is a leveling.  It may not seem like prayer amounts to much but have you noticed how things are being exposed?  Not only in America but all over the world.  Like the Lord explained in Sarah’s last newsletter, “The lid’s off things and it’s like opening Pandora’s box.”  Everything that can be exposed, will be exposed.   And everything that can be shaken, will be shaken.”  This is the effect of your faithful prayers.


After the Anchorage Conference, they headed to Delta Junction, Alaska, for a Conference where Evelyn Glass’ family lives.  Then Nancy, Sarah, Liz and Becky headed to the Kuskokwim River to minister where Liz and Becky were raised.  The Kuskokwim isn’t for sissies and the challenges of no road system, going up the river in an open boat and challenging weather, brought them to a rich time of ministry.

After returning, Liz and Becky’s niece, Tenille, whom they had just been ministering to, got in a fatal car accident and Nancy is already headed back to do the memorial service this weekend.  Please cover Nancy as well as Liz and Becky’s entire family.  Tenille leaves a 1 year old son named Theodore.  Yes, we covet your prayers!


Yet, PTH has a mandate to fill the storehouse with souls, and the outcome depends on what we do in this time frame that we’ve been given.


17 = Victory – but to get Victory you must be tested

10 = Testimony

7  = Complete Covenant


For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are Sons of God.  Romans 8:14.


Habakkuk 1:5 – Look among the nations and WATCH –

Be utterly astounded!

For I will work a work in your days

Which you would not believe,

Though it were told you.


So here is the strategy I purpose to you:  WATCH.  Be that watchman on the wall.

  • Get Nancy’s schedule (below) follow along and mark your calendar.
  • Get maps of where they are going, and ask God what He wants you to see, to concentrate on and to pray for.
  • Google is a great way to study the area that will give you tips and allow you to be right there as if you were in the same country, taxi, Eastern Gate or area.
  • Set your phone clock for the time zone where they are or what country they are traveling in to cover them.  God may wake you up.  Be sensitive.
  • Be attentive to pray.  Be constant.


Nancy is called back to Israel at the end of her travels and will tell us more when she returns.  Please pray for the PEACE of Israel.


Psalms 18:30 – As for God His way is Perfect.

I believe that!  I believe that you who are reading these newsletters are the watchmen and the intercessors who can travel along with the mandate of PTH.  Your reward is as if you were to go in person.  Your prayers are vitally important and we need all hands on deck, watching in this hour to accomplish what the Father desires.  The Old Testament was all about prevailing.  The New Testament is when Jesus went to the cross and became an overcomer!


Finally, I pray, that the word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified,

In Jesus Name,

Debbie Anderes, Ketchikan


Summer Ministry – Central America, South America, Caribbean, and Israel


Friday, June 23

Anchorage to Seattle


Saturday, June 24

Prayer – Mexico City, Mexico


Sunday, June 25

Mexico City, Mexico to Managua, Nicaragua


Monday, June 26

Prayer – Managua, Nicaragua


Tuesday, June 27

Managua, Nicaragua to San Jose, Costa Rica


Wednesday, June 28

Prayer – San Jose, Costa Rica


Thursday, June 29

San Jose, Costa Rica to Panama City, Panama


Friday, June 30

Prayer – Panama City, Panama


Saturday, July 1

Panama City, Panama to Bogota, Colombia


Sunday, July 2

Prayer – Bogota, Colombia


Monday July 3

Bogota, Colombia to Quito, Ecuador


Tuesday, July 4

Prayer – Quito, Ecuador


Wednesday, July 5

Quito, Ecuador to Houston, Texas to Belize City, Belize


Thursday, July 6

Prayer – Belmopan, Belize


Friday, July 7

Shuttle from Belmopan to Belize City

Belize City, Belize to Atlanta, Georgia


Saturday, July 8

Atlanta, Georgia to Kingston, Jamaica


Sunday, July 9

Prayer – Kingston, Jamaica


Monday, July 10

Kingston, Jamaica to Miami

Miami to Nassau, Bahamas

Prayer on arrival day


Tuesday, July 11

Nassau, Bahamas to Atlanta, Georgia


Wednesday, July 12

Atlanta, Georgia to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Thursday, July 13

Prayer – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Friday, July 14

Santo Doming, Dominican Republic to Atlanta, Georgia




Saturday, July 15

Atlanta, Georgia to New York City

New York City (JFK) to Tel Aviv, Israel


Tuesday, July 25

Tel Aviv to New York City

New York City (JFK) to Atlanta, GA