Ministry Update

It has been excellent since we arrived here in Ohio.  We’ve had the first two meetings, a counseling meeting yesterday… and fun with Debbie G., Sarah and Ute… fun shopping (all us girls love that) and very nice dinner!!!!  

Here’s what the Lord is telling me, 

God has said, ”I have set

A hedge of My Love about all of you and your intercessors; I have placed

A wall of fire of Holy Spirit anointing about you;

The Blood of Jesus’ covering all about you all.

And for you personally, Nancy, I’ve covered (placed) My Tabernacle over you,

And by My Tabernacle – lifted high upon the rock – and as I am lifting your head, you are shouting proclamations of praise and worship !!!!

More of His Word —>The Lord is drawing aside, by His own Hand, the (devil, satan’s) darkness over Ohio. The blood of Jesus shall soon stream from the heartland and flow throughout the nation with salvation and power!!!  Amen… in Jesus Name!!!

Love ️You much!