Strong Soldiers

Dear Fellow Soldiers, 

Written Thursday, 7/16/2020:

#7= complete

#16= God’s love (for America)

2020 (=5780/ Hebrew)= wide mouth w/ God’s wisdom;  

2+0+2+0= 4 (4 for a door- Lord keeps reminding Nancy)

& 20+20= 40 trials,testing, probation (many examples of 40 throughout Bible). 

Dear Soldiers

When you accepted Christ as your personal Savior, you enlisted in God’s Army.   And America is at war … yes, Already in the thick of the battle!   We are all in the trenches together!   Let us hold fast to our land of the free and not give an inch – in fact it is time to Take Back what the enemy has stolen in America (and according to God’s principle Prov. 6:31, enemy has to give back 7 fold). Christians- DEMAND IN, in the Name of Jesus!  The end of the story is already written. The only way to lose is not show up!  It is a Spiritual battle, not flesh and blood, so it is won through Prayer and pulling down /declaring the power of God’s Word – it is His battle but He requires us to speak out His heart- His desire!  How does one know His desires?  “Readist Thouist Wordist” and the Holy Spirit will teach you and me how to be His soldiers. 

Nancy and I (Sarah) fly out to Washington DC this evening (16th) for a strategic week in ‘head’ of America.

Part 1 of our time will be to go to the ‘land’ of approximately 70 embassies in DC.  Although we have already gone and prayed at these embassies the Lord said to ‘go back’!  Most are level 4 countries and we may never be able to actually travel to the country. Thus, we will be praying/repenting for the 21 sins at some of the embassies (just as we would if we went to the Parliamentary building in the country). 

Part 2, will be very strategic prayers for America, President Trump, other governmental leaders / departments, and specific sites.  

       We covet your prayers; we are all on the frontline, and the frontline of freedom.  

  • safety & protection (body, spirit, soul) 
  • Traveling mercies
  • Discernment 
  • Favor
  • Specific “paths” to take; order our steps 
  • Etc.  😁

We will be traveling onto GA after DC. Check the website for ministry details. 

Blessings to all and thank you, Soldiers!

Sarah (& Nancy)