It is a critical time to lift our intercession to make that hedge

Dear intercessors,

I have been with Nancy these last 2 weeks and witnessed how the Lord is using her to break ground and stir up the Holy Spirit in many Christians.  Many are sitting numb from the past few years of getting beaten up and challenged in their faith.  But many are also seeking Him for direction and inspiration to step up and continue the walk the Lord had them on.  They are preparing to give the War Cry and enter the battle with greater faith than they have had in the past.  Many are hungry and searching.  It is encouraging that there are more people coming to the conference from out of town this year than I have ever seen before.  People who are willing to make the investment in time and money to receive what the Lord is preparing for them.


Nancy brings a different message than most as she appeals to the mature Christians, some of whom may be floundering.  The call is to allow him to lift our heads so we can keep our eyes on Him and not be distracted from our purposes.  Yesterday she was used by God to break some more ground in the area of West Columbia, SC.  We went to get our hair done, but the lady had invited several people and Nancy testified for nearly 2 hours.  The 9 people there were stirred as new ground was broken.  It is an area with a lot of witchcraft and satan worship.  Do you think that stirred things up?


The word is out about Nancy, the mighty warrior for God.  She is no longer in stealth mode, but the enemy is aware of what she is doing and he is not happy.  She is now a target for the enemy.  So we need to reinforce the wall of protection around her and the whole PTH team that the enemy cannot penetrate, not even with little foxes.  You may have heard the strategy the Lord gave Nancy in Hawaii about how to pray for the wall, but I write it again to remind you:


1. Place a Hedge of protection — Job 1:9

2. Declare a Bulwark or wall — Ps 91:4

3. Set a Wall of Fire — Zech. 2:5

4. Ask for Ministering Angels — Mt. 4:11

5. Take communion daily — LEAVE NOTHING TO CHANCE — Mt. 14:22


It is a critical time to lift our intercession to make that hedge/wall/bulwark even thicker than it already is.  I know you are all faithful intercessors for Nancy, but I ask that you consider an even greater commitment to intercede for her and this coming ministry.


With much love and Many Blessings,