Innermost Chamber: ‘Hair Closet’

Greetings PTH Friends,

Thank you for your faithful prayer coverage! We, Point To Hope, can never say that enough! Your prayers are powerful, and they matter to us, and more importantly, they matter to God. They open heaven’s doors and strength and showers of blessings pour out for His plans.

PTH Holy Spirit Encounter Conference was recently held in Aiken, SC. The theme for this 2019 is year is, “Redemptive Faith: The Word Is Our Anchor.” The conference was powerful! Nancy’s teaching about faith and the presence of God went deep into hearts and lives were transformed! People didn’t just get a ‘taste’ of God’s glory, they ate the whole meal-deal! Which one would think that would be satisfying. On the contrary, many hungered and thirsted for more of God! And that is what God desires; that we not be satisfied but that we continue to hunger and thirst for more of Him because He is endless and matchless!

It goes without saying, in the natural, the more you eat, the more you grow … outwardly! God wants the same concept to manifest spiritually… only He calls it stretching. When He feeds us truth from His Word, what do we do with it? He wants us to put His Word into action and build His Storehouse with souls! Love and kindness go a long way. Regardless our age or maturity, the Lord is asking us to stretch spiritually! Faith – believing for what is not yet seen. Like an anchor, when it is thrown overboard, we don’t see it lay hold on the floor of the water but we have faith it will. What are you anchored to?

Now in the Cleveland, GA area, ministry will be in this vicinity as well as SC. Check the website for dates, times and directions: (click on calendar events). Nancy and i will be in GA/SC until returning to Alaska in early March. Again, thank you for you prayer coverage! Nancy’s messages are powerful and personal no matter what size the crowd!

As many of you already know, Point To Hope Ministries has an international call. The mandate the Lord has given Nancy is to continue going to every nation’s capital and pray and repent at the eastern gate of the parliament. We still have about 110 ish countries left to complete this assignment by Dec. 2022. Also, building the Storehouse with souls! Your prayers are provision for this task. Nancy’s husband, Henry is in the process of planning this summer’s itinerary to return to Africa. So, please keep him in prayer also.

Last October (2018), PTH launched a new prayer strategy. Each month, a new topic is presnted. The idea is to somehow foster corporate prayer when people are located in so many different areas. The Lord loves unity.
Ps. 133:1 “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” (KJV).”

Our dwelling place is not here on earth, but we long for our citizenship elsewhere … in due season. But until then, we live in a fallen world … but prayer and the Word, and the Spirit of the Living God has made a way for us to dwell here yet still embrace “they kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven”. Yes, the Word of God! Which brings me to the prayer topic for the February strategy.

The prayer topic for February is:

The Prayer topic for February is:

“His Word: Study, Commitment to the Word of Truth.”
This is a good time to exercise faith and practice ‘stretching’. Part of maturity is eating the Word for ourselves and not just taking ‘another’s word for it.’ God is an individual and intimate God and He desires to feed us directly from His Word. He wants our affection and attention.

No doubt, that can be a challenge in today’s world, enticing us to ‘anchor here and there.’ But by faith, we want to anchor in His Word. The only way to do that is read His Word; Spend time with him.

Any one find time alone to be a challenge? “But whenever you pray, go into your innermost chamber and be alone with Father God, praying to Him in secret,” (Matt. 6:6b/The Passion Translation). Stretch yourself! It might be way out of the box, or unusual, but find that place for yourself and His Living Word! You might have to make your own innermost chamber, your own prayer closet … or perhaps even a ‘hair closet’. Times call for desperate measures! Find your secret place with Him and the Word!

Please continue to pray for leaders: family, church, community, and COUNTRY! Prayer matters! Jesus set an example for us in prayer, often meeting with our Father in the wee hours of the morning. Let us run hard after HIM. And, I would venture to say, if you are reading this and planning to ‘run hard’ … stretching is a necessity!

Thank you again for your sincere prayer coverage! Blessings to all!

Sarah Tarter
PTH Prayer Facilitator