It’s Time: Spring is Springing

March 14, 2019

Dear PTH Friends,

Spring is springing! Included in this post, are several upcoming events that PTH would greatly appreciate your prayer coverage: Israel, Eastern Europe, PTH Anchorage & Delta Conferences, and Africa. See details below:

First of all, thank you on behalf of PTH, for the awesome prayer coverage during the ministry time in Georgia and South Carolina! I wish I could list all the lives you’re touched through your faithfulness to pray. It is impossible to measure, but your prayers that have touched the very mindsets and hearts of those you’ve never met! Forever, your prayers will be counted ‘sweeter than honey’ and ‘more precious than gold’; fulfilling destinies for God’s plans and His glory! We have heard reports of several physical and emotional healings. Also, many have recommitted their lives to Christ, and / or received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

And then there are those prayers that prevented things that could have gone horribly wrong; traveling mercies, whether by auto or foot! God’s favor and grace was with us all. Again, thank you for your awesome prayer coverage.

I’d also like to remind you that the Lord told Nancy He is preparing the same reward for all those who embrace the prayer mandate He has asked of Nancy (building up the Storehouse with souls and praying at every capital city of all the nations). Like Nancy, I know you are not praying for a ‘reward’ … but just wanted to remind you of the great Kingdom deposits you are making! And might I add, when one makes a deposit withdrawals become available also. Sow & Reap – God’s principle. ‘Faith – greater worth than gold’ (1 Pet 1:7). Like faith, you / we can’t see all that is working for the good of His purposes … but prayer works! … for sure and for certain. Faith will be tried by fire, but will prove faithful … for sure and for certain. Thus, if you feel the pressure – the looming of distractions or unpleasant news – fear not … faith must be tried! …. Hold fast your Anchor – for sure an for certain is HE!

In addition to the upcoming events and items needing prayer coverage, you can also join in the PTH team unified prayer target for the month of March (see below). In doing so, know that you are joining in prayers of unity and that is very pleasing to the Father … He loves when His children are in agreement! Sing a song of praise to Him!

March prayer target:  Power of Jesus’ Name; Holy Spirit activity world-wide

Again, thank you for your prayer coverage! Prayer coverage beyond PTH … for our country, other countries … His World! Yes, the power of Jesus’ name be lifted up and His willing sacrifice so that would could have Holy Spirit; World-wide!

Blessings to all,
Sarah Tarter,
PTH Prayer Facilitator

Upcoming Events:

3/16-24 Holy Land Tour – Israel
Tel Aviv
Tiberias /Sea of Galilee area
Dead Sea area

Israel Prayer Team: (and their loved ones / families)
Nancy Haney & Sarah Tarter
Debbie Grimes & Lisa McDonald
Liz Stinson & Becky Contreras
Ute Looney & Ilona Farr
Karen Lequire & Anne Reierson
John & Kim Gaines
Tim & Lisa Langfitt
Tom & Debbie Smalley
Lewis & Evelyn Glass

Nancy & Sarah (continuing on 3/24-4/12)

Eastern Europe Capital City Prayer Assignment:
Bucharest, Romania
Chisinau, Moldova
Sofia, Bulgaria
Vilnius, Lithuania
Riga, Latvia
Minsk, Belarus
Kiev, Ukraine
Tbilisi, Georgia
Yerevan, Armenia

Check website for details: “Event Calendar”
April 25-27, 2019: Anchorage PTH “Holy Spirit Encounter” Conference:

Nancy: keynote speaker
Workshop speakers:
Ilona Farr – Be Blessed (Psalm 119:1,2)  
Kim Gaines – Enjoy Liberty  (Psalm 119:45)  
Sharon Rogers – “Have a reliable guide even for new issues”  (Ps. 119:129,160)     
Henry Haney, Sr. – Insightfully Answer Criticism  (Psalm 119:42)    
Tracy LaSalle – Remain Pure and Ethical (Psalm 119: 9-11)
Les Cronk – Remain steady even when afflicted (Psalm 119:67-73, 92)
Tim Langfitt – Display more insight than our teachers (Psalm 119:99,100) 
Evelyn Glass – Gain Wise Counsel (Ps. 119:66) Alaska
Ben Glass – Be Strengthened and Revitalized (Psalm 119: 28,149,154-159) 
Sarah Tarter – Be Enlightened and intuitive (Ps..119:105)  Alaska
Doug Craske – “Get Divine help” (Ps.119:173-175)   

May 10-12, 2019: Delta Junction, Alaska: PTH ‘Mini Conference”
June (dates TBA): African Capital City Prayer Assignments (keep Henry in prayer as he listens to Lord regarding the itinerary)