Perfect Tune

Greetings To All!

Some might think it half-baked to declare this to be a perfect time – a great season. How could this even be a viable consideration with such an unmapped trail ahead. Perhaps this is the ‘out of season’ we are called to be ready for in 2 Tim. 4:2b: “Be ready in season and out of season” (NKJV).

The Point To Hope prayer mandate to go to every nation’s capital city to repent for the 21 sins found in Matt. 23:2-33 & 2 Tim.3:2-5 may be on hold …. but it is definitely ON! And the Lord’s deadline to finish this assignment has not changed; December 31, 2022. There are approximately 68 countries left to complete. As soon as travel restrictions are lifted and the timing is appropriate, then we shall resume this prayer assignment. A sincere thank you for your continued prayer coverage! Your prayers matter beyond measure.

In the meantime, this seemingly ‘out-of-season’ time is a perfect interval to prepare the way in prayer. Henry is considering travel arrangements to some Middle East countries as restrictions are lifted. Still, the planning requiring much more insight than ‘regular’ travel plans, as you can imagine with all that is transpiring world-wide.

Nonetheless, Henry and Nancy are listening closely to the leading of the Holy Spirit. There is no greater guidance than that of the Holy Ghost! And we all have access to the Great Counselor through prayer. The Lord did tell Nancy to start praying now for the land of the Middle East countries. So, below you will find a list of some possible Middle East countries and also some targets to pray as Henry proceeds with the travel itinerary. We don’t have any specific time, country, etc., but just pray the Lord’s will and His timing.

Prayer Targets for Henry:
Planning: itinerary details; airlines, hotel, connections, etc.
Awareness: strategic awareness and cultural matters
Focus: which countries to focus on and timing
Guidance & Direction; Wisdom

Possible Countries / Territories: Pray for preparation of the land to receive seed of the Word (like a womb); pray for open doors, protection, governmental leadership, etc.
Yemen United Arab Emirates Oman Iraq
Turkey Northern Cyprus Iran Syria
Lebanon Saudi Arabia Kuwait Cyprus
Qatar Bahrain Turkmenistan
Afghanistan Pakistan Djibouti
Eritrea Azerbaijan

Please keep Israel & Palestine in prayer for whatever the Lord has in store. Additionally, domestic ministry details will be posted as more information becomes available.

On another note: Are you lovin’ the daily Proverbs reading? If you don’t know what I am referring to read Nancy’s May 1st letter The book of Proverbs is one of the greatest wellsprings of wisdom! And this is surely a season in need of an increase in wisdom and discernment. The Lord loves to pour out wisdom! He says, ‘just ask’! “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him,” (James 1:5/NKJV).

Then, pay close attention because wisdom may come in a way unexpected. The Lord loves to lead His children into understanding. A key for us is to be ‘teachable’. As it says in Proverbs 12:1 (TPT): “To learn the truth you must long to be teachable, or you can despise correction and remain ignorant,” or ‘stupid’ as the NKJV reads.

Another key is ‘truth’. Wow, take one listen and clearly there are some variations in the understanding of truth! The only absolute truth is the Word of God. Yes, the bible, the perfect tuner!

Here is a little illustration: The other day, I picked up my guitar and was surprised to hear that it was definitely out of tune. I thought it odd because I had just tuned it the previous day. So, I grabbed my guitar tuner and began to pluck each string. Much to my amazement, only one of the six strings was actually out of tune. Unfortunately, one out-of-tune string impacts the sound of the entire instrument. Furthermore, the guitar is rendered ineffective! Might appear beautiful on the outside, but the actual function is another story. Even the most skilled player would have trouble making it sound good.

You would think me crazy if I told you I tuned all the strings to the sound of the one string that was out of tune. How absurd would that be?! Seems odd to even pose such a solution when the obvious remedy would be to simply tune the one out-of-tune string. Yet, look around … we live in society that is trying to tune itself to the sound of an out-of-tune world. As a result, much is out of balance, to say it lightly. God’s measure is faith, the world’s measure is fear!

Perhaps you already ‘think me crazy’ and wondering why I am even sharing this. After all, we all are in the same season; a place none of us has really ever been before … world-wide! Nations, states, cities, governments, leadership of all kinds (religious or not), are having to make decisions based on information that isn’t even available! Obviously things are out of tune! So, let us use the “Trusted Tuner”! The Word!

Here is my point: God has not watered down His Word to change with the times and season. The Father, Son, Holy Spirit is the ONE absolute tuner. So why would the ‘out-of-tune’ string ever be considered the standard to tune to? Crazy! Yet, we sometimes get in situations, and the ‘one’ out of tune string is very loud and as a result, all the other strings are tip-toeing to keep ‘the peace’. There is a time for peace, but there is also a time for war (Ecc 3:8). Remember, 2020 is the year of wide mouth? Open wide with God’s wisdom! Speak up! But the key is, speak with God’s wisdom; Speak in-tune with God’s Word.

Here is a tough question: Ask yourself if you are the one string out of tune. We would be naive to think our strings don’t require tuning? And it might be surprising to know, but the tuning is daily! We feed our physical bodies daily; how much more profitable it is to feed our spirit-man with God’s Word? After all, don’t we want our spirit to grow and not our flesh?

The Word is what we have to be tuned to. Yes, things around us may have a sound of its own but that doesn’t make it an accurate sound; a sound on the right pitch. We have to be in tune with the standard of the Word of God otherwise we are going to sound like the world. His sovereign hand will gently transform our mind, our character to come back into alignment with HIs image so that when played, we will have a sweet sound that can only come from heaven.

I don’t know about you, but I long to be teachable vs. stupid. I want to be in-tune with the rest! Not the rest of the world, but God’s rest!

Again, thank you for your prayer coverage for God’s perfect will for the next set of countries and domestic ministry plans. Don’t forget to meditate of the wellspring of Proverbs! They will help keep your heart in tune.

Blessings to all and stay ‘Tuned’!

Sarah Tarter,
PTH Prayer Facilitator