Standing in Awe

Another voice making a
Sound from Southeast Alaska

Debbie Anderes is the
Assistant Director for Southeast Alaska. 
Our next PTH conference will be in Ketchikan, AK, September 25, 26, and
27, 2014.  Put it on your calendar.


A year to Shift or Drift.

Shift then Sift.

What was, isn’t

These are strong words,
but how the Anchorage Conference spoke to me this year. 

Have you ever wondered why
it feels like the earth seems to be shifting right under your feet?  Time
seems faster than you can keep up with, and circumstances are pressing in
causing something new to rise up inside?

 “What’s happening?”

Well, God is shaking things
up and it is time. 

It’s time to pause, to
breathe and to Listen to the Sound. 

The title of this
year’s Conference is  “THE SOUND OF THE LORD …  LISTEN “

God tells us he is the stability of today.  He is
the way.  The only way! … To remember 
the message of the cross, the power of God.

The power of God’s love is
reaching out to us who believe, to let nothing
divide us from knowing this, for our own sake!

It is a requirement for
those who have been given a trust and that trust must prove

There is a door standing
open in heaven.  It is not a natural door and He is calling us to come up to
where He is and to think out of heaven to show us things that must take
place.  To declare a thing and it will be established.  To be still
and stand Amazed by God.  


When going up to a higher
elevation a different breathing is required.  Sometimes it can actually
make you light headed, dizzy or even sick to your stomach, like car
sickness.  All you can do is lie down and rest until you catch that new
balance of being at a higher elevation.  This is what is happening in the
Spirit right now; going to a higher elevation.  It really takes an
adjustment as well as an understanding of how to breathe differently. 

The Holy Spirit is
speaking to encourage us to go back to the basics.  To
allow Him to shift what’s been out of alignment with Him, to convince or
convict us to BELIEVE.  It’s basic!

Romans 8:14   For as
many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God. 

This is a season of
convergence.  Things that have been ordained by God are coming together.  His
Word comes together with His purposes in His set times.  A time when we
need to set a watch and guard our hearts. 

Proverbs 4:23   Keep
your heart with all diligence for out of it spring the issues of life.

Psalms 51:10   Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew
a steadfast spirit within me!

Hidden things you
have not been aware of will be revealed.  Isaiah 48:6

The Lord is
aligning us with victory.  Victory mindsets by the Spirit of God.

provision, healing and abundance not yet known to us, to those who line up to
the Word.  Luke 6:38

A time of
acceleration, so we need to really pay attention. Picture driving a car in the
fast lane going very, very fast.  You cannot NOT pay attention.  Sometimes
you can’t even talk much driving here.  Stay
focused like never before, on HIM.

We must hear the voice of
the Lord for ourselves.  Hear the sound of HIM.   Know the
Word.  Not in your head, but in your heart!!!!! I hear Him say, “Align
yourself to Me, the living Word of God.”  Test everything!

And if we do these things,
buckle up, because our Lord is going to put His foot on the pedal and you are
in the car!  You will run and not grow weary.  You can fly high and
walk low.  You can be stepped on, ignored, and still rejoice and be glad
for His great purpose will be confirmed in you.  You won’t fear, because
fear is one without faith. 

Matthew 17:7   When
they looked up they saw no one except Jesus!

Main point: See no one but
Jesus in every situation.  Your life will live complete, but don’t look
away!  In every circumstance see Jesus!  The enemy will try his darnedest
to get your eyes off of Jesus.  Good things, as well as great challenges
and traumas, will try and capture your attention.  Whatever… 

Be still. 

Stand and be Amazed by
God.    You will simply be in Awe!  

Debbie Anderes

Assistant Director,
Southeast Alaska


Listen to the Sound of
the Lord

Dee Jones

There is a voice that
speaks to the darkness

But the darkness cannot comprehend

Ahhh but a Word spoken in oneness

Created life and light of all men


Do you hear the distant
rolling thunder?

Draw near to the sound of the Lord

The voices echo from Heaven

Holy, Holy is the Lord

There is a sound that comes to call us

A sound that you just can’t ignore

There’s a wind that rages to stir us

We’re in a position like never before

Listen to the wind of movement

Move with the sound of the Lord

The voices echo from Heaven

Holy, Holy is the Lord

You will walk the narrow and steady

It’s a time when signs shall appear

In an instant you are called to be ready

For a time such as this, is here

Do you hear the distant
rolling thunder?

Draw near to the sound of the Lord

The voices echo from Heaven

Holy, Holy is the Lord


Holy, Holy is the Lord

Holy, Holy is the Lord


  (unison of
whispers)  Holy, Holy is the Lord!


© Point to Hope Ministries