A Timely Word

As I’ve been praying for PTH, I feel God has been impressing on me or reminding me of our identity and position in Him.  I was getting out of my car at a business and spotted a penny that was spattered with mud and had probably been run over numerous times.  Even where it was laying, bits of it that were not covered in mud caught the sunlight and shone brilliantly.  I immediately thought about being in this world but not of it.  The world may splatter or rub off on us at times but there is no denying what we are made of – whose we are and our purpose to reflect His glory in every circumstance.   

Why a penny?  That spoke to me of many things.  For one, it was heads up showing the image of Lincoln — representing our true position of freedom, a path that those before us helped to forge.  Secondly, we can sometimes feel insignificant as a unit of one but even the greatest value we can think of is made up of “ones” – unity is the key.  Whatever we do or claim for Christ resounds in the body worldwide.  Lastly, a penny is made of copper – one of the most effective conductors of energy.  We are called not only to receive His glory… His fullness…but to release and demonstrate His power.  Our connection with the “current” = continuity of the availability of Gods resources to perform…to demonstrate His will and power.  Through the open door of Jesus in us, God’s Holy Spirit fills creation.  We need a deeper understanding of the “opening” of Jesus and and what that gives us access to.

A simple concept, really, but I think we sometimes need to be reminded. 

Love & Blessings,

Becky Contreras


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