My Israel Trip- The words of some who went

Karen Lequire  ~

My trip to Israel opened my eyes and perspective to so much of the Bible. To walk where my Lord Jesus walked, especially near the end of his life was heart moving. It touched my heart deeply walking down from Mount Olives to the Garden of Gethsemane and the rock where he cried out to the Father, all the while knowing Jesus knew what sacrifice He was about to do for me and you. Then going to old Jerusalem to the western wall, being able to leave a prayer and pray once again for the second time. Afterwards watching the doves swarm in a circle almost a dance around where prayers were going up to the Father. I noticed the doves always gathered at the most holy places in Israel it was like they were praising the Lord. Let all creation praise the Lord! Then finally, walking down Via Dolorosa to the church of the Holy Sepulcher, and being able to touch Golgotha rock underneath where our Lord was crucified where I believe his blood flowed down. My heart is full thinking about next time.

Becky Contreras ~

Where to start…So many good memories I’m not sure what to pick!   I think one of my favorite places was the Mount of Beatitudes.  Such a beautiful spot overlooking the Sea of Galilee and the Plain of Gennesaret.  I could imagine our Lord gathered there teaching the multitudes and ministering throughout the area.  Our prayer time was powerful and His presence felt deeply.  What a blessing to cover some of the same ground He did and to soak in His presence there, especially with a group of dear friends and believers.  I feel truly blessed with this experience and all the richer for it!  Thanks to Nancy, Henry, Sarah and others for making the trip possible!

Ilona Farr ~

Enjoyed the trip because of the people on the trip. Great Christian fellowship and time to grow in the spirit. Saw different places than on previous trip and took time to relax, eat right and sleep! Enjoyed helping others and the study forced me to look more in depth at places we were going in terms of both Christian and secular history.

John Gaines ~

I strongly felt the Lord’s presence before we went into the Church of Transfiguration, as I sat & prayed, I asked the Lord to transform me to be more like him. When we went outside & Nancy prayed over me, I felt a very heavy presence of Holy Spirit upon me & the Lord confirming to me, I AM making you to be like me. What a great experience there & also the trip as a whole. I can’t read the Bible without saying we were in that very place. Such an amazing experience it was. 

Kim Gaines ~

Our trip to Israel was an amazing journey through the Footsteps of Jesus. So many places and people forever in my mind and heart but it’s truly what has happened in my daily reading of God’s word, the Bible that has changed for me. His word has come alive. I can literally picture the places I’m reading about in my mind as we were in the vicinity of where so many of the teachings of Jesus I read about daily took place. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to be part of God’s story and the salvation he gave me as well as the awesome adventure in Israel. It may have been my first trip but it definitely won’t be my last. 

Ute Looney ~

I am very blessed to have a second visit to Israel.  Smaller than New Jersey, so many sacred sites to Christianity exist here.  Walking in the footsteps Jesus, I am amazed how the Bible comes to life as I saw the geography, the views from Masada and the Dead Sea, the fertile land in Galilee to the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.  Some of my highlights include visiting the Western Wall under a full moon as the doves circled above and “worshipped” as we prayed; a moon-lit boat ride on the Sea of Galilee singing the Star-Spangled Banner and worship songs with an attempt at dancing to “Hava Nagila”.  I will never forget being baptized in the same Jordan River where John the Baptist baptized Jesus.  And, seeing Caeserea Philipi where Jesus brought his disciples to the enemy’s camp to establish His Church upon the same rock used by pagan worshippers.  God has given me a deeper revelation of His Holy Word!!  

Tim Langfitt ~

There were two places that I was most deeply moved (a tremendous number that I was moved at) – Golgotha and The Upper Room. I was truly humbled at these sites because I was at the place that my Lord and Savior had been and what He did for me at these sites.

Debbie Grimes ~

Being my second trip to Israel, it just sinks deeper…Walking where Jesus walked, on the Sea of Galilea where Jesus fished, baptized in the Jordan where Jesus was baptized, Caesarea Philipi where He started His church, walking the Via Delarosa where He carried his cross.  Going to the Western Wall at night was one of my highlights.  Seeing it once or twice is not enough.  God is faithful to reveal more of Himself each time. 

Lisa McDonald~

This was my first trip to the Holy Land. Walking where Jesus walked caused the bible to come alive for me. We read of all these places and now it is so much more real for me.I have many highlights and in really no order of importance because I believe it was all important. First being by the Mediterranean Sea is always peaceful to me. Down at the Jordon river Baptized and dipped 7 times for healing like Nahum. Many chose to be baptized by Pastor Nancy Haney, the Lord met me there. At Mt. Tabor the holy spirit was so powerful to me. The dead sea was just a blessing, we floated in the water and my skin so loved it. But the sunrise there was out of this world. Masada was powerful was amazing to see the digs and sense what happened there, it was like you could hear the rocks crying out. Powerful day through Bethlehem, catacombs and church of visitation. Still very powerful anointing, the Lord met me there in a very powerful way. And ended evening at the wailing wall as we all put our prayers in the wall prayed for all that we needed to, that was a blessing. Mt beatitudes where Jesus preached to the multitude, was way blessed to share with the team what took place there. The trip was just amazing. There was much more, thank you Nancy for making this possible.

Liz Stinson ~

I want to say thank you for the wonderful memories and good times I had touring Israel with you in March. I found it spiritually rich in researching the many levels of history with the story of Jesus woven in front and center. I found that the relational climate of being with my team and leader deepened my understanding of Jesus and his disciples as they journey through the land. It reminded me again of how the disciples were people like you and I dealing with everyday issues and situations while pursuing the call of God on their lives. Whatever happened was an opportunity for embracing the attitude of Jesus.

It was beautiful to start our journey with the prayer and foot washing at the hotel the evening before we boarded the bus for tour. There was such a sense of personal blessing and great encouragement. It brought me peace from the get go.

Being on the Mount of Transfiguration and receiving the anointing after you prayed for each one of us was a treasure. When you prayed over us personally it brought our team to a new level.

Another of my highlights was the trip to Jericho and going up the Mountain of Temptation where Jesus was tempted by Satan. I had always wanted to go to Jericho so it was a heart’s desire. We saw the ruins. The walls are still down.

Everyplace we went was meaningful and worthwhile in that we had devotionals to remind us of each location’s significance. I learned much from my team and their research on each of these sites.

One memory spurs another as I think of the intense cold turning to joy and laughter as we dipped seven times in the Jordan. I remember the time we spent at the Mount of Beatitudes. Lisa gave a beautiful devotional there as we sat on the Mount looking over the sea of Galilee. I remember the dancing and worship we did on the Sea of Galilee in a boat under the night sky. I remember the place where Jesus did a facedown of the enemy at Caesarea Phillipi declaring He would build his church and the gates of hell would not prevail against it. Over two thousand years later there we stand as proof He did. It was a feeling of triumph over every dark force.
Another favorite place was standing on Mount of Olives and looking over at the sealed Eastern gate thinking about the return of Christ. There is so much more to say.
Nancy you blessed each one of us with a gift and you gave of your time, resources and experience which altogether was an incredible blessing. Your patience with our shopping and side trails was epic!!! I sure appreciate all you and Henry did to make this trip memorable and fun. It is pretty awesome to have a friend like you.
Thank you!! Thank you!!!
P.S. I don’t ever want to forget I went to the wall to pray in the moonlight! That was amazing!