Happy New Year; Dine-In Service! Prayer Strategy

Dear Point to Hope Friends,

Happy New Year! It is hard to believe the close of another year is upon us! One thing is for sure, this has been a year like no other. Yet, it has not been unusual to God! “God reigns over the nations; God sits on His holy throne,” (Ps. 47:8/NASB). “His mercy endures forever” (Ps. 136). Could it be what seems like a delay in our country, in Church unity, in Nancy’s healing, is actually the Lord’s merciful hand enduring forever? We continue to stand firm, believe, and trust fully in the power of our Living and Righteous God!

We continue to stand stronger than ever for Nancy’s healing to fully manifest. “I am convinced and confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you (Nancy) will [continue to] perfect and complete it until the day of Christ Jesus [the time of His return].” (Phil. 1:6/AMP).

In January 2020, Nancy released a prophetic word from the Lord about the year 2020 (Heb. year, 5780). That word was ‘Open wide your mouth; with God’s wisdom’. Is it any wonder the current state of society? … ‘keep your mouth covered!’ A fear in the enemy’s camp is that God’s people would open their mouths with God’s wisdom! Hell believes in God’s power … Do believers believe in God’s power? This prophetic word, ‘Open wide your mouth with God’s wisdom,” was not just for 2020, but the Lord said it was for the next decade. Consider these passages of scripture:

  • Genesis 12-24
    Haggai 1 & 2
    Hebrews 1-13
    Job 38
    Ephesians 6:15

Many of you already know the prophetic assignment(s)/mandates the Lord has called Nancy to complete:
go to every state capitol building in America (6/2008-12/2009)
pray / drive the borders of America & Israel (10/2012-7/2013)
go to every nation’s capital city in the world (12/2009 – current; approximately 68 counties remaining).

I especially want to mention the borders of America, because as we were nearing the completion of the last border (northern) the Lord spoke to Nancy (& I believe we are seeing the manifestation of His Word today): “You’ve taken care of the borders, now let Me take care of the inside. I am going to start changing dirty diapers and it is going to get pretty stinky.” And would you believe, we finished this border drive of America on July 4th (2013), America’s Independence Day! We did not plan it that way, but God did! (I know Nancy would also acknowledge the many saints who have gone before and after her steps of obedience in these prayer assignments).

So today, as you look around America at the chaos, the dissension among people groups; gender, politics, believers – yes, even churches – division in some form or fashion. Could it be it stinks because God is doing what He said He was going to do? Change dirty diapers! Why should we be surprised!!! Have we not been praying for God’s Word and Power to manifest on Earth as it is in Heaven? He is answering our prayers! Praise the Lord! Did we expect it to be all neat and tidy? … Christian-like … “Lord – do a mighty work; a cleansing, …. oh, but don’t disturb my little world because I am comfortable… Lord, clean it up, but don’t make a mess! … don’t disturb my little domain!” Easy to trust when things go well, but the real question is, where is your faith when the King orders the heat be turned up seven times hotter? (Dan. 3:19). Are you still in the furnace even though it is really hot? Are you walking in faith or fear?

How many times have we prayed 2 Chronicles 7:14, as a declaration to ‘heal our land?’ Guess who the Lord is talking to? Believers …. yes – you and I, Church-goers! Followers of Jesus Christ! Amen! But did we miss the part of the verse that says, “turn from their wicked ways…” Wait! … What? Me? God is telling me, calling me – a believer in Jesus Christ – to turn from my wicked ways?? Time to stop pointing fingers. The Lord was talking not just to followers / believers but also leaders … anyone who falls into the category of “HIS PEOPLE”! Pastors, Elders, Teachers, Evangelists, Prophets, Laymen, Business owners, Retirees, old people, young people, CEOs, ‘Smart’ People, Easy-going people; Passive people, lazy people, Work-aholics, ‘devout people,’ Pentecostal people, Baptists, self-employed people; Grandparents, parents, teens, Educators, Contractors, Bakers, Waitress and Waiters, personnel in all industries …. Intercessors … etc. Time to turn from ‘wicked ways!’ What we consider ‘wicked’ and what the Lord considers ‘wicked’ may be very different. Just a thought, but it might be worth making an appointment with Holy Spirit and see what He finds. It is a very serious matter … Don’t be quick to brush off your appointed time! … You might find you have a clean bill of health! Don’t miss the good report! … worth repeating … Don’t be quick to brush off your appointed time!

We look around at the chaos and out-right lies manifesting in the earth; good being called evil, and evil good …. Yet, if we TRUST in the Lord God Almighty, we better be looking at our own inmost being and let Him search for those ‘wicked ways.’ “Behold, You desire truth in the innermost being, And in the hidden part You will make me know wisdom,” (Ps. 51:6/NASB). Believers, we can no longer take a passive approach to spiritual warfare! We are warriors!

As this new year approaches, give Him permission to search your innermost being – the hidden parts, for His Glory! He is so gentle, and He is calling us to repent for them so that our land can be healed. And if you think you have not a wicked way in you, consider this: “If we claim we have no sin, we are only fooling ourselves and not living in the truth,” (1 Jo. 1:8/NLT).

The Lord has put a mandate on Nancy, and she has been obediently fulfilling all the Lord has called her to do, and there is still more to come! Prayers of the intercessors have paved the spiritual roadway so that the Lord’s purposes can be fulfilled through His servant, Nancy. And prayers of the saints will continue to pave the way for God’s purposes for all of us, Nancy, America, and His world!

Point to Hope Ministries was birthed from the spiritual womb of Nancy through prayer. And the power of prayer in the name of Jesus continues to be the solid foundation of PTH today. Several months ago, I solicited input from some of the PTH prayer leadership as part of a prayer strategy for this next season. I was astounded at the responses I received. I know Nancy will be so very proud when she wakes and finds the fruit of her labor has produced a bountiful supply that we all will glean from. At this point, I know a prayer strategy is unfolding in part; like a scroll, little by little! I do not have the full picture/strategy, but this I know: The word “open wide your mouth with God’s wisdom” & the above scriptures are for this next decade. Let us heed God’s WORD. We cannot gain God’s wisdom unless we eat His Word! Yes, eat His Word. The world is calling for ‘drive-thru service and carry-out/curb side! Be we say it is time for a full course meal … not just eat-n-run, but dine with the Master! Stay and linger with the King of Kings! Order up a Haggai for 2! Chapter 1 & 2!

So for January, which will be a powerful month in itself, let us start with Haggai. January is going to be most interesting and powerful! Haggai will be a very resourceful and insightful book if we listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit and as we meditate on it. Research the background of this book, even if you already ‘know-it-all.’ God’s people are returning to a land that does not look familiar but has been in upheaval and people are trying to find their way. What better place for a nation to start the rebuilding process – the center – the place of worship. A place that should be common to all. Not common worship, but extravagant worship, because it is the worship of the ONE and only! Haggai’s theme calls for the people to prioritize and be obedient. What a good place to start for a new year, a new decade.

I gleaned some themes from the PTH prayer leadership, and I want to mention some words / concepts for us to meditate on because I believe it is laying the foundation for an unveiling prayer strategy. These insights should help us as we discover the path the Lord has before us for this next decade. Clearly, the Lord is up to good things upon the earth, and we want to be found ready in and out of season.

Consider where YOU are:
Are you willing to risk? Like Esther or Abigail.
Are you letting the Potter form and shape you for a new level? Can He prepare your vessel?
Are your words potent? Powerful influence with effective results?
Are you doing the same thing, expecting a different result?
Are you willing to wait?
Stand! Back to basics.
Time to stand up and be sold out!
You can no longer be silent!
Do not align yourself with unholy mindsets.
Without ME – you can do nothing! Your country – your future is at stake!
Do NOT waver! Speak HIS WORD. This is not new – but it may be new to you!
Focus always on Jesus … and get ready for Change! Still, always fill the storehouse with souls.
Be ready to feed the needs of what really matters; Needs according to what God says… love always.
What and who is influencing you? This may require you to distance yourself from some things or some ones. They may not be bad, per se, but they are an influence that hinders your destiny, your walk with the Lord.
God is looking for a purified people! Holiness
The Lord is drawing lines … are you part of the problem?
Satan will use those closest to you to help you compromise.
Church history is about to be made …. Serious training is upon us, Daily training.
Be willing to be stretched …. TRUST without understanding; Walk by faith!
It takes practice to grow up and mature, spiritually – NO ONE is exempt! Get in the game – AND PLAY to win!
Walk in HOPE: are we a people who brings HOPE to the unlovable? How are we doing
What have I done for another?

During the year 2020, PTH only held one Holy Spirit Encounter conference! However, we have been taught well by Nancy at these conferences to listen to the Word through teachings (impartation), and then Nancy would lay hands on people and activate that teaching. Then in the quietness of personal time, the Holy Spirit encounter would come and meet each attendee an intimate way. Once a person has an encounter with the Holy Spirit, their life should never be the same.

So today, we should be a little more mature than last year. Let us read God’s Word, like Haggai, and let Him impart teaching by His Spirit, and lay hands on yourself and activate the power within. Like the Apostle Paul told Timothy, ‘fan into flame the gift of God in you” (2 Tim. 1:6-7).

Don’t wait for someone else to do what you yourself can do!

We are living in an amazing time in history! Let us be a part of history with a Wide-Open Mouth of Wisdom for the Lord! But first, open wide and eat of His Word. You will be an aroma of life to some and death to others (2 Cor. 2:16). Do not compromise truth, guard what influences you, and be prepared to not please everyone. Do not take the easy route; don’t be a coward, nor unbelieving (Rev. 21:7). Jesus was not passive; let us learn from His ways.

As we move into this new decade, let us remember that we are not trying to please people. If we are trying to please people, we would not be a servant of Christ. Strong words, but that is what the Word of God says. (Gal. 1:10) Let the Word of God be your greatest influence! Lift up the name of Jesus that all men would be drawn unto Him (Jn. 12:32).

Thank you for your continued prayer support for Nancy. Her medical condition continues to be a focus of our unwavering prayer. (8/12/20; a blood vessel leaked within her cranium causing bruising and swelling on her brain.) Nancy is still in the hospital and we are all awaiting the great day when she will awaken by the mighty hand of the Lord. We know our God is faithful, and as the verse says in the opening of this letter … God will complete the work HE started! Our faith continues to grow, be refined, and mature, as we wait with great expectation!

Blessings to all from the PTH Family!

Sarah Tarter,
PTH Prayer Facilitator

Don’t forget:
January: Study Haggai; meditate on it; eat it, journal … no drive-thru service; only dine-in with the Master!