Dear Point To Hope Family & Friends, Thank you for your sincere and diligent prayer for Nancy’s continued healing.  Her breathing in getting stronger; somedays are better than others.  She […]

Dear Point To Hope Family & Friends,This very ministry is called “Point To Hope Ministries”. Guess who named it? The Lord Himself! And so, it is seasons like this that […]

Dear Friends, We are refreshing our site and Nancy’s followers on the News blog. Some people have told us they are NOT receiving the news posts and updates. Would you […]

Dear Fellow Soldiers,  Written Thursday, 7/16/2020: #7= complete #16= God’s love (for America) 2020 (=5780/ Hebrew)= wide mouth w/ God’s wisdom;   2+0+2+0= 4 (4 for a door- Lord keeps reminding Nancy) & […]

Blessings Dear Friends! May this “MayDay” brings you a new hope.  In this particular season, things may seem unusual, but the Lord is our sure foundations and a solid Rock […]